Sculptures en néons lumineux

Untitled (for Leo Castelli et his gallery's 30th anniversary) 3, 1989
Untitled (to Lucie Rie, Master Potter) 1J, 1990
Untitled (to Don Judd colorist) 5, 1987
Untitled (to a man, George McGovern) 2, 1972
Untitled (for Ksenija) 1994
Monument 4 for Those who have been killed in ambush - To P.K. who reminded me about death, 1966
Untitled, 1984
Untitled (to Bob and Pat Rohm), 1969
Untitled, 1970
Untitled (To Helga and Carlos, With Respect and Affection), 1974
Untitled (to Eleanor McGovern), 1972
Monument for V. Tatlin, 1964-65
The diagonal of May 25, 1963
Untitled (in Santa Maria Church), 1996
Untitled (To Madeline and Eric Kraft), 1992
Red and green alternatives (to Sonja), 1964