Curriculum Vitae
Mathias Delaborde

Who am I ?

Young nineteen years old student , I am curious and always trying to discover new things in France or abroad. Of a rather happy nature, I try to focus on the solutions instead of focusing on the problems. I am currently working on a technical degree about Information and digital communication in Bordeaux.


I read books since my childhood and I love it. Read allows me to live someone else lifebut also to learn things on various topics, it's fascinating.

  • Le comte de Monte Cristo
  • L'alchimiste
  • L'étranger

Here are three of my favorite books!


As I did for reading, I started sport at a young age. I played football for two years, handball for ten years and I now play basketball at the university. Beyond the practice, I also like watching sports on television.

Video games

Lately it's less the situation but I play video games. Games such as Skyrim, Fallout, Bioshock or Hearthstone. I think the video games industry has a promising future thanks to the new technology evolutions such as virtual reality.


I spend a lot of time listening to music. On the road, to relax and contemplate or sometimes before going to bed. I listen to different music styles. A lot of Rock'n Roll and Rap but also classical music and the unavoidable electronic and pop songs broadcasted on the radio.
I really love music in the way that she allows a eye-blinded communication. Especially since visual communication is omnipresent nowadays.


In my point of view, traveling is one of the most rewarding things we can do. Live in another country brings us a fresh point of view on our culture. Our mind opens up to others.
I thus love traveling, sleep in youth hostels or homestay. Leave the big cities and get closer to nature.

In the future, I hope to be able to travel across the world to discover people or landscapes.


Last year I discovered the blockchain through an article about Bitcoin. In a surprising way I truly got into it and into the manifold issues it presented.

This topic is still quite new and not introduced in our routine nevertheless new applications are released everyday and my interest keeps growing.


My experiences

During my life I came across different situations. Those experiences contributed to build the person I am today. Here are some of these eperience. Some of the worth sharing one.


As middle school ended, I lived my first professional experience at the Diapason music journal. I thus discovered how a redaction worked by spending time with all the team members. I have great memories of this traineeship.

Handball Coach

I played Handball a lot and had the opportunity to become coach for the youngest players. I learnt a lot of things especially communication and teamwork.
Communication with my team but also with the parents but also with the parents at the end of the training.

Youth workcamp

During 2014 summer I went to work in Belgium with other people. The objective was to willingly work together for a Belgium association. I met wonderful people from across the world, people that I'm still friends with today.

Last year in 2017 I worked in a start-up as part of my studies. The traineeship took place in the start-up I had the opportunity to assist the beginning of the project. I woked in a co-working space where I met other great people and the working network HappyDev. Even if this traineeship wasn't in a big company I sure learnt a lot of things.


After reading a book about internet commercial opportunities on internet, I understood dropshipping mecanisms. I wanted to try it out with a friend of mine. We launched our own website to sell fashion glasses : Now closed because of a lack of time investment from us, it allowed us to sell some pairs.
Even if the classic-glasses adventure didn't carry on, my friend and me worked on the different stages of selling a product online. The image communication on the networks, the Search Engine Optimization, the orders managment or even the customer service.


I lately suscribed to Textbroker. This website allows you to realize writing tasks against a remuneration. Tasks such as translations or summaries. I already worked on those skills last two years in my degree so it allows me to keep working and make money at the same time.


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